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Turnkey Repair and Replacement


Geoservex has been dealing with kilns since 40 years and are the market leaders in hot kiln alignment. We are now moving one step further by providing Turnkey repair and replacement services for both Kiln and Ball Mill equipment’s during shutdown time. We are well placed with very experienced specialists and extensive support by our associates in turnkey jobs.

Geoservex-India is bound to provide the best possible services in the Industry for all key rotary equipment’s in the plant.

Long Service Life and High Availability of Equipments

Geoservex proudly launches its Turnkey repair and replacement services. Geoservex helps customers in achieving more operational availability of their key equipments. These jobs will be carried out by Geoservex Specialists at lowest possible time with highest quality.

Performance Redefined

Keep your equipment without any breakdown and trouble free operation. Geoservex can rebuild your equipment during shutdown time, provide the best services to you and ensure high availability of equipment to enhance the operation without compromising the quality of job.




  • Kiln Shell Replacement
  • Kiln Tire/ Supporting Roller Replacement
  • Kiln Girth Gear/ Pinion Reversal/Replacement
  • Kiln Thrust Roller Replacement
  • Kiln Inlet/Outlet seals Replacement.
  • Ball Mill Inlet/Outlet Shell Replacement
  • Ball Mill Inlet/Outlet Head Replacement
  • Ball Mill Head with flange reaming
  • Ball Mill Girth Gear/Pinion Reversal/Replacement
  • Ball Mill Trunion/ Slide Shoe bearing Replacement.
  • Grate Cooler alignment and overhauling



We Do


New tire assembly with kiln shell

Kiln shell Replacement

Kiln supporting roller Replacement

Ball mill Girth gear Replacement

Ball mill head Replacement

*The above Jobs were done by our associates





  • Minimize the shutdown and complete the job on given time frame.
  • Highest quality of the job with tolerance limits for the reliability and availability of the equipment.
  • Round the clock supervision by experienced Geoservex specialist for spot decision making and ensuring smooth flow of job and gets completed in time.
  • Executed by highly experienced Geoservex specialist and our associates of GEPL technicians.
  • Geoservex and our associates have been proven to maintain very high safety standard for the workmen and engineers, also we depute one safety engineer exclusively to look after the safety aspects of the job and ensure zero accident.
  • Daily progress of the job will be updating to customers and immediate action can be taken to mitigate the slow progress of the job if any.
  • Commissioning the equipment with full load operation.
  • Our associates having certified tools and tackles and maintains high range of tools for the job.
  • Zero breakdown of the equipment.

Pro-active on



We depute qualified safety supervisor along with our specialist to ensure round the clock safe act + method + behavior. Our team work nurtures safe work environment for our employees and sub-contractor’s workmen the same we ensure to strictly follow. We would like to highlight that all the jobs done by our associates has ZERO accidents. We stand committed to continue doing our best by making safety a mandatory requirement for all our employees and sub-contractors workmen. Please note all our tools are certified by recognized agency and we provide mandatory safety training to all our engineers.”


Few References from

our associates


  • Kiln shell 7.4mtr long, Girth gear, Pinion, Supporting Rollers 2 no’s, Outlet cowl shell, Outlet tip casting, Inlet & Outlet seal Replacement at M/s ACC Madukkarai Cement Works, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu.
  • Ball Mill Girth Gear and Pinion reversal & alignment at M/s ACC Gagal Cement Works, Gagal, Himachel Pradesh.
  • Kiln Girth gear, Pinion replacement & Supporting Rollers modification at M/s TATA Chemicals, Mithapur, and Gujarat.
  • Kiln heavy shell with tire, Girth gear, pinion replacement and Drive station alignment at M/s India Cement Ltd, Vishnupuram, Andhra Pradesh.
  • Ball mill Girth gear and Pinion Replacement and Drive station alignment at M/s Vedanta Aluminum and Power Ltd, Jharsuguda, Odisha.
  • Outlet Kiln shell, Middle tire with shell & Girth gear with spring plate Replacement at M/s Birla Cement corp., Satna, Rajasthan.
  • Kiln Outlet shell with Hood, Cooler Bull Nose & Cyclone Dip Tubes Replacement at M/s Sree Jaya Jothi Cement Ltd, Kurnool, and Andhra Pradesh.
  • Cooler Beam Replacement with Hydraulic Drive at M/s ACC Kymore Cement Works, Kymore, Madhya Pradesh.
  • Cement Mill Girth Gear Replacement with Both Pinions and Alignment at M/s Sree Digvijay Cement Ltd, Jam Nagar, Gujarat.
  • Kiln shell, Girth gear with spring plate Replacement at M/s Maihar Cement Ltd, Katni, Madhya Pradesh.
  • Kiln Girth gear and Middle tire underneath shell and Support roller Replacement at M/s ACC Gagal Cement Works, Gagal, and Himachel Pradesh.
  • Kiln shell (5.8mtr) with Outlet tire Replacement at M/s Udayapur Cement Ltd, Nepal.
  • Autogenous Mill Shutdown Job at M/s Hindalco Ltd, Sambalpur.
  • All three tires shifting, Tire alignment and Replacement of tire Retainer Block at M/s International paper APMM, Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh.
  • Ball Mill Pinion Replacement & Drive Alignment at M/s Hindustan Zinc Ltd, Chittorgarh, Rajasthan.
  • Ball Mill Girth gear and Pinion reversal at M/s Hindustan Zinc Ltd, Debari, Rajasthan.
  • Kiln Thrust Roller Replacement, Inspection of roller shaft condition and bearing replacement at M/s West Coast Paper Ltd, Dandeli, Karnataka.
  • Kiln shell (2.8mtr) Replacement at M/s Shivam Cement Ltd, Nepal.
  • Kiln Inlet Tire Replacement at M/s JSW Cement Ltd, Nandayal, Telugana.
  • Kiln shell Replacement at M/s Hindalco Industries Ltd, Belgaum, and Karnataka.
  • Ball Mill Girth Gear and Trunion Bearing Replacement at M/s Vedanta Aluminum and Power Ltd, Jharsuguda, Odisha.
  • Dismantling of Old Grinding Track and Assembling of New Grinding Track. Dismantling of Old Gear Box and Installing of New gear Box for Vertical Roller Mill at M/s Vedanta Sesagoa Limited, Goa.
  • Raw Mill Girth gear Replacement at M/s ACC Wadi Cement Works, Wadi, Karnataka.
  • Lime kiln Outlet shell (3.5mtr) Replacement at M/s ITC Paper and Speciality Paper Board, Bhadrachalam Unit, Telugana.

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