Supervision & Troubleshooting Services


Why Geoservex

Supervision & Troubleshooting services


Geoservex-India is well placed with specialists of varied nature in our team who can deal with most of the key cement, steel and fertilizer plant’s equipment.

We can provide technical guidance and assistance for troubleshooting, overhaul, repair, maintenance & operation of ATOX VRM, Grate Coolers, Kiln and Ball mills.

If you have problem in kiln, mill, high vibrations in mill / kiln drive, problem in grate coolers or you would like to take up mechanical jobs in shutdown. You may consult us and take our trouble-free supervision services.




We are specialist in following jobs.


  • Shell Replacement
  • Tire Replacement
  • Supporting Roller/Bearing Replacement
  • Girth Gear and Pinion Reversal/Replacement
  • Thrust Roller Replacement
  • Inlet/Outlet seal Replacement
  • Supporting roller adjustments for thrust correction (During Operation)
  • Solving of Hot bearing issue (During Operation)
  • Vibration at kiln drive station (During Operation)

Ball Mill

  • Replacement of Trunion/Slide shoe bearings
  • Replacement of Mill Head with trunion
  • Reversal/Replacement of mill Girth Gear/Pinion
  • Replacement of Inlet/Outlet cones
  • Replacement of mill Diaphragm/Liners etc.



  • Grinding Rollers Overhauling (Bearing Replacement)
  • Replacement of Joint Head/Torque Arm
  • Replacement of Pull rod arrangements
  • Table/Roller wear segment Replacement

Grate Cooler

  • Cooler Main beam replacement
  • Cooler Stationary/Movable beam replacement
  • Grate Plates replacement
  • Cooler Alignment.





  • Performed during both normal operation and standstill of the equipment.
  • Minimize the down time.
  • Commissioning the equipment with full load operation.
  • Performed by highly experienced Geoservex specialists.
  • Recommendations for spare procurement.
  • Recommendations for future improvements.




When supervision & Trouble shooting services are carried out by Geoservex, our specialist will provide all service protocols related with the jobs performed as well as the recommendations for spare parts.

The service protocols are essential document to ensure the equipment’s were installed within the allowable limit or not and root causes for the same if not achieved. Also, this document helps the maintenance department, to track activities performed on particular equipment while doing trouble shooting services.

The following information will be made available by Geoservex specialists performing the supervision &trouble shooting services:

  • Action to be taken for next stoppage of the equipment.
  • Action to be taken for spare parts procurement.
  • Action to be taken for future activities.

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